The Skulls of the St. John Fools of Misrule

The Skulls of the St. John Fools of Misrule are one of the most unique and selective groups in all of Carnival.  Each member of this special cadre of Fools has been hand-selected to wear the mysterious skull and bones costume.  Collectively, they have a very special job within the Fools organization.

Hours before the Feast of Fools & March, the Skulls travel throughout our community to visit a select group of homes.  Their mission?  Announce the coming festivities and make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows to come to the St. John District to witness the majesty that is to be the Fools March that evening.  Each home visit includes rhythmic drumming, dancing and a loud, semi-rehearsed proclamation from the Skulls to all members of the household on-hand for this spectacle, as well as any curious onlookers.

Each home visited is left with a special, hand-painted rock to serve as a remembrance of the high honor of their visit from the Skulls.

International World Headquarters:
434 N. Columbia St. Suite H20
Covington, LA 70433

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